About Us


Lampmann Roofing, established in 2001, is a family owned business, with roots in small town Nebraska, USA.

We are a small enough company to be consumer friendly but large enough to do any size job.
This allows us to give excellent service and provide excellent workmanship. Lampmann Roofing services customers all the way from a chain of grocery stores in Texas to grain elevators within 30 miles of Canada. We have completed projects on a manufacturing plant that was 130,000+ square feet in size all the way down to a flat roof on a sweet 88 year old’s porch.

Lampmann Roofing recently had the opportunity to purchase Gordie Scarborough Roofing in Grand Island, Nebraska. We are servicing all of his clients at this time.

Lampmann Roofing can assure our customers top quality work and a professional job from the first day until the clean up of the job site. You, the customer, are our number one concern from start to finish. We have an open door policy in working with our customers on each and every project, so we can work out all details, including payment schedules to fit your budget.