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Metal Roof Restoration

The process of restoring a metal roof should always start with a complete and thorough examination of the entire roof surface.

Grain Elevator Roof Restoration

We prefer to have a system that directly bonds to the concrete decking. Generally, that requires a complete tear off.

Single Ply Restoration

Not all of these roofs qualify for restoration– an inspection must be made to determine whether or not the existing roofing material is a candidate for the restoration process or if it needs to be tore off.

SPF with quality roof coatings

The first step in any polyurethane foam application is to determine if the substrate (what we are applying it to) is suitable for SPF.

Repair and Maintenance

We are fully capable of performing maintenance and repairs to virtually any roof system you may have.

Does Your Roof Need Attention?

Lampmann Roofing, an Industrial and Commercial Roof Contractor, has several different roofing systems; one of which may be the solution you’ve been looking for!
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