Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration


  • Flexible – gives with building pass 1/8 mandrel – 40 F
  • Seamless – all joints taped with a flexible, polyester fabric
  • Lower cooling cost – 85% reflective
  • Reasonably priced – 1/3 or 1/2 the cost of alternative systems
  • Considered as roof repair – 100% expansed
  • Attractive looking – uniform in appearance
  • Materials- ul 790 class a fire rating
  • Do not have to open up roof to repair

The economical alternative to metal roof replacement.

The process of restoring a metal roof should always start with a complete and thorough examination of the entire roof surface.

All rust must be treated according to the coatings manufacturer specifications and power washed to obtain a clean, dry surface.

Seams and fasteners will get specific attention with materials that provide enough tensile strength and elongation to move with the roof’s normal constant expansion and contraction.

Penetrations, such as, HVAC units, stacks, vents, pipes and etc. should be similarly reinforced. Once we have finished the previous steps, the metal roof should be weather-tight.

The final coat, which covers the entire roof, provides a clean, uniform appearance to the roof. An additional benefit to this is the reduction of thermal shock.

We use a quality roof coating determined by the type of restoration needed. Once completed, the building will have an attractive, sustainable metal roof that is leak free, seamless, highly reflective and cooler roof– extending the life of the roof for years to come. This system can be installed without disrupting the workflow of the business and minimizes the risk of injury due to removing and replacing the metal roof panels.

*Warranties available on both material and workmanship.



Treating Horizontal Seams
Final Coat
Surface Preperation
Rust Inhibitor & Caulking
Treating Vertical Seams