Single Ply Restoration

Single Ply Restoration

EPDM, TPO, PVC, Smooth BUR (built up asphalt roof) and Modified Bitumen:


To preserve and protect an otherwise sound roof.

Not all of these roofs qualify for restoration– an inspection must be made to determine whether or not the existing roofing material is a candidate for the restoration process or if it needs to be torn off.

First, we would repair any obvious tears, splits, and cracks with like materials.

Second, the roof would need to be prepped usually by power washing.

We will next address any and all type of seams with fabric-reinforced roofing products and quality roof coating (ex. Butyl tape or Spunflex).

Again, depending on your roof, a primer or bonding agent may need to be applied.

The final step is to apply a quality roof coating.

*This is not the process used for roofs that are in need of roof replacement.

*Warranties available on both material and workmanship.


Proven Fire Protection
Multi-Surface Versatility
A durable Breathing system
Custom built on site
lower energy costs
Flexibility for weather resistance
code recognized
Less weight for innovative application